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In the wake of COVID-19 and all global crises, most people have started looking for ways to earn a passive income because, in a crisis like this, even long-lasting and reliable jobs can disappear anytime. Among the many options, we bring you the best. Here, let’s learn how to earn passive income with the best free cloud mining in 2024.

According to the Global News Agency, 2024 will be the peak year for the sharp rise of cryptocurrencies and various online assets. Cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and others have all experienced tremendous growth, while some emerging digital assets are also performing amazingly.

All of this growth is possible due to the growing global acceptance of cutting-edge digital assets and popular cryptocurrency technologies. Now, with cryptocurrencies booming, most people are looking for passive income through mining. Unfortunately, traditional mining methods require huge investments and other technical knowledge, which is the biggest barrier for ordinary investors. Therefore, cloud mining is the most popular and affordable option.

Cloud mining

Cloud mining is a technology in which a person participates in mining cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum without owning or running hardware or mining software.

Instead, users pay to rent mining power from the company that operates and owns the associated processes and hardware.

Cloud mining companies allow users to open accounts and participate in cryptocurrency mining digitally for a basic price, making mining accessible to many people around the world. Since this mining method is completed through the cloud, it solves problems such as direct energy charges and related equipment maintenance. Furthermore, if you really want to experience remote control investing, cloud mining is the best choice.

Step-by-step guide to starting cloud mining

Do you want to participate in cloud mining investment? Here, follow the step-by-step guide to get started.

Step 1: Decide on a Cloud Mining Platform

There are many options for cloud mining; ARKMining is the safest and most well-known cloud mining provider and the best source of earning passive income through cryptocurrency. It has been one of the world’s major mining companies and your most trusted partner for three decades.

To take the game to the next level, ARKMining has launched a free Bitcoin mining program that allows you to passively earn Bitcoins. They make Bitcoin accessible to everyone, regardless of whether you have cryptocurrency or other technical knowledge. All you need to do is mine 50 USDT Bitcoin, which you can trade to your account and start trading immediately. Any profits you make are yours and can be withdrawn from your wallet at any time.

Step 2: Register an account:

For example, you choose ARKMining as your cloud mining platform; now go to your chosen provider and sign up to create a new account.

ARKMining provides a simple registration process. All you need to do is enter a valid email address and create a new account. After signing up, individuals can start mining Bitcoin immediately.

Step 3: Choose a mining package:

Currently, ARKMining also offers various mining contract options, such as packages for $200, $600, and $1,200. Each has a unique ROI and specific contract length.

After purchasing any contract, you can start earning income immediately after the second day. When you have collected 200USDT, you can withdraw it to your crypto wallet or purchase more packages.

Other affiliate programs

Well-known mining platforms offer affiliate programs that allow users to earn commissions. Likewise, ARKMining launched its affiliate program that will enable users to perform tasks by recommending websites. So, even if you don’t like investing, you can still make money. Users who proactively refer a specific number of invites will receive a flat bonus of over $2,000. The more referrals you get, the more earning potential you have.

ARK Mining Platform Advantages

Here are some of the unique benefits of ARKMining:

  • Sign up at zero cost and get an instant $50 bonus.
  • There are no other administrative fees or service charges.
  • Active users can be generated in 5+ currencies by deploying this provider.
  • Offer this platform to others and earn commissions up to $2,000.
  • It provides various mining packages, taking into account multiple levels of investment and risk rates, ensuring that every miner can gain something.
  • The provider incentivizes active users through an affiliate program and rewards them for making the program available to more people around the world.
  • The newest users are invited to receive generous bonuses, which allow them to start mining without start-up investment.


This is an excellent opportunity for new players to explore the capabilities of this type of mining provider.


If you want to earn passive income with the best free cloud mining in 2024, then ARKMining is the most profitable option. So, handle this mining right. Some digital opportunities can help you grow your cryptocurrency automatically with zero investment. Additionally, cloud mining requires less time to make money than any other type of investment. Passive income is everyone’s dream, so you can easily achieve it with ARKMining.

To learn more about the cloud mining platform, visit the ARKMining page.


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