A Tale of Remembering Love and Happiness with Canine Companions – Elsa’s Memoir by Margo Ellyn is Available on Amazon!

Author Margo Ellyn’s inspiring chronicle for all pet lovers, Elsa’s Memoir, is now available on Amazon. The story is presented through the perspective of an adopted Standard Poodle, Elsa, who becomes a beloved family member. Through Elsa’s eyes, the author reveals the love, happiness, and adventures they shared as a family.

The tale begins with Elsa’s adoption by Margo – an unexpected event. Elsa’s puppyhood becomes an integral part of a new and exciting family. As she grows into an adult, experiencing many adventures along the way, the challenges and joys of adopting a Standard Poodle are explored. Through the eyes of a thoughtful poodle, real life experiences are woven into the fabric of the canine and human relationship.

As the story continues, Elsa remembers her life of joy and adventure. From the backdrop of everyday life, the account shares first-hand experiences of Elsa’s love for the human family that adored her. The reader is transported through their lives, from school days to changing seasons, to Elsa’s passing, and beyond. It is a narrative full of humor and heartwarming moments, making it a necessary read for every pet lover.

Elsa is not alone. Her pups are with her, along with other interesting characters. Together they navigate the afterlife while appreciating the joys and love they received in their mortal life. Their adventures deliver various life lessons for the reader, like acceptance, gratefulness, and living life to the fullest.

The book is now available for global readers through Amazon Story

About the Author:

Margo Ellyn, a pet lover and an author, has many experiences to support her creativity. She served as faculty at community colleges and in adult literacy organizations. Margo has lived in multiple states, but for her, Iowa is home. She, along with her husband and children are retired Standard Poodle breeders. Their dogs have earned competitive Agility, Obedience, Rally, Scentwork, Nosework, and Therapy titles.

Don’t miss Elsa’s adventures from her life and after-life. Elsa’s Memoir is now available to the public on Amazon and the author’s website. 

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Author’s Name: Margo Ellyn

Author’s Email: (margoranch1@gmail.com)

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