SeguroCoin Announces Token Listing to Transform the Insurance World with Blockchain

Poland, Warsaw, 16th November 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, SeguroCoin is excited to announce the upcoming launch of their $SGCN token, which will occur on November 24. The team intends to change the insurance industry by leveraging blockchain technology and offering value-added services to users.

In addition, SeguroCoin aims to provide customized insurance solutions and empower customers in the purchasing process. With a focus on transparency, scalability, and smart contract capabilities, SeguroCoin is redefining what insurance can be.

The Upcoming Launch of the $SGCN Token

As the market approaches November 24, SeguroCoin prepares to launch its native token, starting with a private sale beginning November 16. Investors can participate in the Whitelist process by joining Zealy’s quest and following their social media for updates. 

The launch through Zealy took place on November 9, and it’s creating much anticipation in the crypto world. In simple terms, everyone can earn rewards (XP) for the actions mentioned on Zealy. Finally, those with the highest amount of XP will access the project’s private sale and receive up to 25,000 $SGCN as a reward.

The team’s transformative path will begin with the launch of a product designed for flight insurance. However, the founders plan to expand their services into other areas, such as gaming, identity theft, health, and life insurance.

$SGCN serves as the backbone of SeguroCoin’s ecosystem. The token’s utility facilitates insurance transactions for purchases, sales, and claim payments. Moreover, token holders will receive discounts on partner services when using $SGCN. 

In order to ensure a stable foundation for long-term development, SeguroCoin’s token distribution schedule prioritizes the interests of different stakeholders. Specifically, here is what the market can expect:

  • The largest chunk of tokens (22%) will go towards liquidity, lending, and borrowing for the sustainability of the ecosystem.
  • Incentives (20%) will encourage users to participate in SeguroCoin’s services.
  • Another 20% will fund marketing operations to reach a wider audience and promote the project.
  • With a 12% token allocation, the project’s internal treasury intends to maintain a stable financial position for future growth.
  • The team will receive 10% of tokens for their work.
  • Private sale investors will have access to 6% of tokens.
  • Developers (5%), advisors (3%), and an initial offering (2%) will receive the remaining tokens. 

SeguroCoin’s commitment to a balanced ecosystem is evident in the team’s detailed whitepaper. The document is available on SeguroCoin’s website to access and learn more about the project’s long-term vision. 

Re-Imagining the Insurance Sector with Blockchain

SeguroCoin boldly steps into the future, re-envisioning insurance through innovation. Their approach revolutionizes traditional models, shifting from mere “products” to dynamic “services .”The focus? Customer empowerment through accessibility, affordability, and customization. With this fresh approach, they present insurance offerings tailored to each customer’s unique requirements.

Incorporating cutting-edge technology, SeguroCoin aims to disrupt the insurance sector. They utilize blockchain, smart contracts, and Artificial Intelligence to create an “insurance as a service” model. The aim is to build a seamless, transparent, blockchain-based insurance ecosystem. This ecosystem outlines a user-friendly mobile application, Seguro Mobile, and a robust backbone, Seguro Core, for overarching support.

The SeguroCoin ecosystem proposes a structure based on four integral layers. The User Layer facilitates user access to the platform. Next, the Operation Layer addresses user-business interactions. The Product Layer stands as the heart of the platform, offering pricing models and product offerings. Lastly, the Infrastructure Layer integrates with the blockchain network, maintaining compatibility with oracles and off-chain data.

Essentially, SeguroCoin seeks to transform the insurance sector, instilling value and relationship building. The team’s vision is clear: to bring about a lasting change that disrupts traditional models and evolves the industry. 

About SeguroCoin

SeguroCoin is a new insurtech company that aims to transform the insurance industry by providing simple, fair, and transparent products. The core technology designed by this team is parametric insurance. In short, customers can select specific events to be covered against and choose their desired compensation amount. 

Powered by a smart contract published on the Polygon blockchain, SeguroCoin’s process is fully automated and requires no human intervention. Through its Chainlink functions, the system constantly monitors whether an insured event has occurred. At this point, the platform automatically triggers compensation payments to the entitled wallet. 

The upcoming launch on Zealy – which will occur on November 9 – will give everyone the chance to join SeguroCoin’s private sale. Those who are interested should follow the team’s social media pages (listed at the bottom of the article) to receive updates. The more XP people have, the higher the chances they have to access the project’s exclusive private sale.

This new app is available for download and ensures a seamless and hassle-free experience for customers. The team’s goal is clear: to make insurance simpler and more accessible. Anyone wishing to learn more about SeguroCoin can visit its website or follow the team’s updates on the platforms below.

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